is a Corporate Social Responsibility technology platform with an activity-first approach. It’s a marketplace carefully curated with social impact experiences all around the world and paired with the tools and data insights to run a successful employee-driven giving back program.

There are a huge number of causes and activities to choose from and all activities in the platform have a social mission and aim to help the community involved.

When I joined the company, there was a page with the experiences available that could be filtered by cause and an activity detail page with info about the experiences and a booking form. Since then we have accomplished great things, in this case study I’ll show and explain some of the platform’s features and how they work.

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Dashboard & Filtering

When users log into the platform, they’ll see a dashboard displaying the categories and lists of experiences. Among other things they’ll also find an impact meter chart, showing in numbers how they’re impacting the community

Users can use the filters to refine the search: activity categories, experiences’ causes, the number of participants, distance, duration, dates available and United Nations sustainability goals.

Booking & RSVP

By clicking in the activity card a new window opens with detailed information about the activity and the booking form. After adding the booking details, users can generate an hyperlink to RSVP.


In order to get participants’s feedback about the activities, users can survey their teams on what causes they care about and what experiences they prefer to participate.

My Experiences

Users have access to the list of experiences booked and attended containing: Org name, causes, number of participants, rates, dates, a gallery of photos for download and the opportunity to book again and make donations.

Users can also find some details about the upcoming events, such as: activity details, who’s the organizer, dates, ORG, spots filled and RSVP status

The gallery will show the photos taken in the past events and they’re available to download.

Users can also create their own event.


The Reports in platform provide to users important insights about activities, team’s preferences and behaviour helping HR departments to make better choices when planning and booking activities.
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John Smith


Elon Musk

Project date

31 December 2017

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California, USA