Visit.Org – Reports is a Corporate Social Responsibility technology platform with an activity-first approach. It’s a marketplace carefully curated with social impact experiences all around the world and paired with the tools and data insights to run a successful employee-driven giving back program.

The Reports in platform provide to users important insights about activities, team’s preferences and behaviour helping HR departments to make better choices when planning and booking activities.

There are four types of experiences in the platform: Booked Experiences, Engagement, Volunteering hours and Team requests, they were listed as subsections in the menu and shown in tables on individual screens.
These two factors brought some UX problems: time spent navigating through reports was high, not having a general overview of the team’s behaviour was making the data hard to put together and reading tables was painful.

Based on that, I started designing solutions to fix these problems:
There are two categories of reports in the platform: one for booked experiences and another four related to employee’s behaviour (Monthly Report, Engagement, Volunteering Hours and Team Requests)
The reports in the platform were displayed in tables which is not something great to look at, but we can make data nicer by transforming boring tables into good looking charts that will be easier to read.

The decision was to divide the reports into two different sections (experiences and employees) and then create two different dashboards. Each report will be displayed in cards (with basic information and functionalities) that can be enlarged for more details.

When users land the page, they’ll see a chart for each report, by default the chart view will be displayed but it can be switched for the table view.
Users are also enabled to download the XLS file from the dashboard.

To check reports in detail, users can enlarge the card and a modal box will appear showing the chart and the table of the report.

With this solution, users have said that has been easier, faster and nicer gathering information from the reports and making wise decisions when booking experiences.

Project details


John Smith


Elon Musk

Project date

31 December 2017

Project location

California, USA