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At we are always looking for what our users want and need. Since the platform was launched, the number of experiences has grown (we can count around 2000 experiences worldwide) as expected the number of causes, locations, type of activities, numbers of users and orgs joining has also increased exponentially. The offer became so diverse that the way we were displaying the filtering became obsolete and users weren't getting a good experience when browsing. Based on that we started rethinking and rebuilding the filtering system.


This was the filtering system working on the platform. An input search bar in the homepage, and 3 filters: causes, location and number of participants. This system did the job well for a time, but at the same time as the number of activities grow, the number of users and their needs also became higher.
Users started to ask if they could filter by distance (in cities like NY, they were getting hundreds of results and some of them were too far from their offices and should not be an option). The duration was also a request, e.g. users wanted to book an activity with 2 hours duration but the system didn’t have that option.
Also, every time users wanted to start or refine the search, they had to go back to the homepage causing a poor experience.
For these reasons, the product team started to rethink this filter system.
We looked not only to give more filtering options to users but to make it easier to use and more accessible.

We decide to add and design the following features:
1 – Input location bar and ask permission to access browser location
2 – Autocomplete features in the input bars
3 – Search and location bars should be accessible in all platform. Not only in the homepage.
4 – Include Duration and Distance filters
5 – Include United Nations Sustainable Development Goals filters


Search & Location

The search & location bars are now accessible in all platform.
In the homepage is located below the heading in all other pages is located at the top.

All pages except homepage

In detail

Instant suggestions & Autocomplete

When user search for an activity and type any term of interest we provide a list of suggestions including that term(s). This is a way to make their research faster and accurate.
Users can also look for categories instead of specific terms.

Current location autocomplete and active cities
Users can look for experiences in a specific city or nearby their location (limited to a max of 150 miles from the search location).
Google’s Places Autocomplete API was used to allow the autocompletion of cities, zip codes, addresses. To give options near user’s location, we first ask permission to use their browser location and we’ll display results in that area.


In the filtering section we improved the way users can pick options.
More filters’ tab include all filters related with the activity: location, cause, type of event and the United Nations Sustainability Goals (new).

In the other tabs we ask details related with: Number of Participants, Duration (new), Date(new), Distance (new) and Instant Booking (coming soon).


More Filters‘s tab in detail:

Location – we want to know if users are looking for In-office, Out of office or online experiences (or the 3 of them)

Type of event – eg: if they’re looking for a Wellness or Volunteering activities

Causes they’ll be supporting.

We also included the United Nation Sustainability Development Goals in our filtering

Other filters in detail:


Users can also filter by: Number of Participants, Duration, Dates, Distance and Instant Booking (coming soon).

The results can be sort by Distance or Recommended

Here it is a preview how the new filtering system works and looks. The feedback from users has been really positive, they say they're browsing more and getting to know orgs they had no idea that existed in their company's headquarters.

Project details


John Smith


Elon Musk

Project date

31 December 2017

Project location

California, USA