Sagel is a collaborative games app, targeting users in the Middle East.

This project required visual research around these type of apps to find the appropriate language to deliver a successful product to this audience: all UI elements were built with this purpose. 

The features and the defined by the client as well as some UX requirements.

This app is available for download at App Store and Google Play.


When landing on the home screen the user has two options: play one of the games available or create his own.

To create a game, the user will need to follow a few steps:

Define what are the social media actions players need to complete (like, follow or retweet)

Add custom questions or choose the database’s pack questions

Select what type of game to create: a random selection, or a league selection.
In the random selection, the game is individual and the winner(s) are chosen based on the number of correct answers. In the League type, there is a competition organized in Qualifiers, Semi-Finals and Final where users play against each other. The winner is chosen based on the number of correct answers and the time of response.

Set name, time to launch and duration.

Project details


John Smith


Elon Musk

Project date

31 December 2017

Project location

California, USA