Event App Template for Fliplet

To build this Event App Template, we made an extensive research across all types of events apps (B2B and B2C). We looked not only for the most popular features but also innovative ways of access and use apps. Our study focused on user observation and, in a later stage, we enquired users about positive and negative aspects of the different apps, and what do they would like to see in similar apps in the future.

Based on this, Fliplet’s template includes the most common features users look for in this type of app, such as: a customisable agenda, a speakers profile, detailed information and directions to the venues, building’s floorplans, an attendee directory with Chat – following all privacy preferences for those who want and don’t  be part of the public list. The goal is not only to give all essential information about the events and help attendees and speakers to get the most from it. But it’s also to take the event lasts more than a few hours or days, enabling people to connect, to share their ideas and create new connections and (who knows) new businesses.


This an app preview, showing some of the features available. This template has been modified and updated following users and market needs, which means that at the moment the design and features can be different than the ones in this preview.

Project details


John Smith


Elon Musk

Project date

31 December 2017

Project location

California, USA